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Commitment to Quality

We take responsibility for QUALITY. The NASINC Team believes the key is having the knowledge needed to navigate today's technical and organizational complexity. In today's world, ignorance is not bliss. Our solution is that education and training are critical to success. Our dedication to quality will ensure our products and services will be "best in class" in terms of value received for dollars paid. The NASINC Team will deliver excellence; provide continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change, understanding that each Team member is responsible for the quality.

In the performance of any task there is risk due to unforeseen changes in the physical environment, changes in organization, and a host of other factors.
NASINC uses a rigidly proven 5-step risk management methodology to reduce potential risks and implement problem notification.

Identification: Increasing awareness of what the project is about, such as goals, quality standards, schedule, and other factors, so that potential problems are readily identified; creating an environment where everyone on the program is comfortable about speaking out and identifying potential risks before they become real problems.

Analysis: Assessing and authenticating reported potential problems as risks; determining the impact the risk represents and then ranking risks for mitigating processing (i.e. low, medium, high).

Mitigation: Exploring alternatives for feasibility, listing alternatives as options, and prioritizing the options.

Implementation: Executing the selected mitigating action

Control: Reviewing the effectiveness of the mitigating action; regular monitoring of the identified risks and continually looking for new potential risks.

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