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buspartnerglobe Enterprise GIS --- GeoSpatial & Geographic Information Systems technology is about associating data with a coordinate system or spatial reference. Multiple types and sources of data can then be layered, thus forming a composite 'view' for intelligent geographic Decision Making. New Age Systems believes that the ability to layer data for visual analysis is very insightful and represents a new "overall-enterprise" capability for military and business operations. What-if scenarios, tests, forecasts, and evaluation of defense or commercial executive operations is our GIS support perspective.

New Age Systems has presented its business perspective on GIS Enterprise, Internationally, at prestigious Conferences. We believe that GIS Enterprise is a combination of Document Imaging of legacy databases, Digital Imagery of real-time data bases, and the influence of GeoDatabases of data and information for Pro-Active Decision Making.

New Age Systems Services in GIS are extensive. We are recognized as being GeoDatabase experts for weather data. Our support or projects have involved:

  • METOC Data Integration -- GRIBTool
  • Cartographic Analysis -- Land, Topographic, & Route Mapping; Slope stability; DEM & TIN Production
  • ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcINFO Application and Tool Development -- ArcObjects/GML/Java/.NET/Oracle/PostgreSQL/SQL Server/DB2
  • Defense Support -- Cartographic Products, DNC, ENC Terrestrial & Marine data, Topographic Databases
  • Document Integration -- Enterprise Knowledge Management Systems/GIS Integration
  • GeoSpatial Database Support -- Database/Metadata Requirements Identification, Data Model Design, Database Construction, Query Services Implementation
  • Enterprise Systems and Services -- System Requirements Identification, Services Oriented Architechture (SOA) design, Web Services Development, Open Source Enterprise GIS Application Experience
  • GeoSpatial Information Interoperability Support -- Expertise in International Standards - Open GIS Consortium (OGC), World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  • Imaging Processing and Photogrammetric -- Aerial & Satellite Image Orthorectification

NASINC's efforts in GIS result in the risk mitigation, and/or managing of disruptions, for minimal impact, achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness in any defense theatre.