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John Michael Parker
Jerry Ely
Alexander Miletich III
Charles Monts

John Michael Parker: President
Mr. John Parker is Founding Partner, President and CEO of New Age Systems, Inc. During his tenure, New Age Systems, Inc. has evolved and successfully graduated from the SBA 8A program as a vibrant small disadvantaged business, expanding into worldwide technology services and support.

During NASINCís progression from business plan to profitability, Mr. Parker performed the essential management of multi-year, multi-phase contract efforts, forming extensive industry contacts, acquisition of our AM GUARD product, and oversight of daily operations for all geographic business locations. In addition, Mr. Parker is responsible for developing, implementing and providing follow-on support for NASINCís Earned Value Financials software tools, which has been used in support of highly sensitive government programs. With over 17 years experience in extensive database systems, programming, network topology and document digitization, New Age Systemsí customers have trusted and relied upon his key judgments for the support foundation his team always provides.

Mr. Parker has held senior program management positions with leading government consulting agencies that included contract efforts for the US Navy, Army, and Air Force.

Mr. Parker is affiliated with numerous professional business organizations and State and County Chambers of Commerce. He has a BS in Computer Technology, and has industry certifications for programming and progressive information technology applications. He is also an extremely accomplished musician, and quite involved with the community and program activities of his Church.
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Jerry Ely: Executive VP for New Technology Business Development
Jerry Ely is New Age Systems' Executive Vice President for New Technology Business Development. Mr. Ely has over 35 years' experience in the Information Technology (IT) environment. Mr. Ely's abilities to organize, show leadership, operate and market leading-edge information technologies have earned him an excellent reputation and great overall respect within the Information Technology industry. His experience includes both technical and management responsibilities in both the large-scale mainframes and the PC Client/Server areas of programming, system analysis/design, computer operations, implementing and maintaining system software & telecommunications software. Mr. Ely spent over 25 years working for the Department of Defense in the IT field at various levels of management. The last four years in the Government were spent in the OSD Comptrollerís office as a Program Director at the SES level. Mr. Ely was responsible for directing the design and development of a large Foreign Military Sales financial management system with Corpus that delivered in excess of $10 Billion in goods and services each year from within four major activities (Army, Navy, Air Force, DLA) and nine minor activities. As the Program Director he guided the Program through the DOD Life Cycle Management review process (MAISRC) and routinely developed and delivered presentations on Program status to high ranking officials at Assistant Secretary of Defense and Deputy Assistant Secretary Levels. Mr. Ely assisted in preparation of formal statements to Congressional inquiries and, along with the Assistant Secretary of Defense©, testified before Congress on the Program status.

Mr. Ely served as a technical advisor on a DOD Technology Transfer Committee in determining which sensitive/classified ADP technology to transfer to various foreign countries. He directed and assisted in the design and development of a sophisticated data base application to provide top level DOD management the capability to determine composite breakdown of military equipment in assessing existence of critical technology that should not be exported to restricted foreign countries.

Mr. Ely designed, developed and instructed training and certification courses in data base management systems concepts and facilities and programming. He initiated and coordinated efforts of a government multi-agency and multi-vendor project to design and develop a prototype "Back-end" Data Base Management System. The intent of this program was to improve distributed processing and computer security capabilities. The project was successful and as a by-product the research produced significant improvements in the existing data base system capabilities and also provided groundwork for the current commercial "Data Base Machine" concept.

Since leaving the Government, Mr. Ely has worked with several government contracting firms with most of his time being devoted to business development in the IT arena. His last assignment for over six years was Manager, Business Development with Lockheed Martin, the largest IT services provider to the Federal Government. During his time spent in the business development arena, Mr. Ely has captured new business with the total amount in excess of $1 Billion. He has worked with the Civil agencies as well as the DoD. His duties have included total capture management with responsibilities for all business development, identifying all team members, overseeing the proposal efforts and overseeing all proposal reviews to include preparation and review of Orals if required.

Mr. Ely has a BS degree in Computer Science and has authored and co-authored articles on data base design and telecommunications performance measurement.
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Alexander Miletich III: CFO
Mr. Alexander Miletich is a founding partner and has been Vice President/CFO of New Age Systems, Inc. for over 16 years. Mr. Miletich established and evolved our service revenue business, and contract accounting model, that provides the financial foundation of New Age Systems, Inc. His fiscal leadership has maintained healthy revenue streams, without corporate debt, for over 16 years.

In addition to his fiscal responsibilities, Mr. Miletich manages strategic accounts and defines New Age Systems, Inc.ís key customer support strategies that including evolving our telecom networks and systems technology and hardware/software architectures. Through his 18 yearsí experience in the understanding of strategic customer requirements and oversight of key program implementation initiatives in multi-tiered network and communications systems, Mr. Miletich provides a strong foundation for direction of NASINCís nuclear defense and safety team.

In his over 20 years of information technology experience, Mr. Miletich has worked for industry leading consulting agencies that provide project financial direction and management for high-visibility defense weapons systems programs.

Mr. Miletich has a BS degree in Engineering and has received numerous awards for his professional achievements. He is a community sports coach and his sons are outstanding athletes with nearly perfect manners.
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Charles Monts: Senior VP for Software Development Products
Mr. Charles Monts is a company Vice President who founded and now leads New Age Systems, Inc.ís proprietary software development products including AM GUARD. He has been responsible for product definition, evolution and sales for over five years, resulting in consistent market penetration, sales and revenues.

Utilizing his extensive experience in association management and non-profit organization operations, Mr. Monts developed AM GUARD to focus on the integration of finances with operations by integrating a revolutionary financial engine into the product. Through his software development experience, with small and large multinational organizations, and his consulting to organizationsí multiple lines of operations, Mr. Monts has incorporated forward-thinking requirements, and system modules, into AM GUARD and led our product effort into the services orientated architecture (SOA) arena. With over three decadesí experience in software programming, with the development and operation of integrated management systems, Mr. Monts provides the backbone and product leadership for New Age Systemsí proprietary software development products.

From Mr. Montsí expertise in the efficient operation of non-profit organizations, he currently sits on the Boards of Directors and advisory boards of several non-profit organizations, and is a long time active member of the American Society of Association Executives. He actively leads, supports, and participates in nationwide activities of Boy Scouts of America with his terrific teenage sons.
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